Leonard Lab

Recent Alumni


Emma McIntyre (MSc 2013)
Nestling responses to parental alarm calls in tree swallows

Lauren Wiebe (MSc 2013)
Tree swallow carry-over effects

Bob Farmer (PhD 2012)
Improving data collection and modeling of volunteer bird surveys

Krista Patriquin (PhD 2012)
Roosting and social networks in bats

Gabrielle Beaulieu (MSc 2011)
Effectiveness of nest exclosures for piping plovers
Liz Liz Fairhurst (MSc. 2010)
Tree swallow nest acoustics
Rob_Shearwater Rob Ronconi (postdoc, 2009-2010)
Marine animal conservation and management
gregSeal Greg Breed (PhD, 2008)
State-space analysis of animal movement
catherine Catherine Dale (MSc, 2007)
Wintering locations and breeding success of Ipswich Sparrows
brieDrummond Brie Drummond (MSc, 2007)
Breeding by Aleutian storm-petrels recovering from fox predation

Sarah Chisholm (MSc, 2005)
Use of industrial forest by Bicknell's Thrushes
                              Rock Jen Rock (MSc, 2005)
Foraging strategies of terns
Kristina Cockle (MSc, 2003)
Birds in shade-grown yerba mate plantations

Tasha Smith (MSc, 2002)
Begging behaviour in Common Terns

Sabrina Taylor (MSc, 2000)
Ecology of Humboldt penguins

Merilee Temple (MSc, 1999)
Extra-pair fertilization in Ipswich sparrows

Carol Hilton (MSc, 1999)
Predation and life history in Corophium volutator

Trista Michaud (MSc, 1998)
Factors influencing fledging in tree swallows

Becky Whittam (MSc, 1998)
Predation on Roseate, Arctic and Common Terns

Susan Leech (MSc, 1996)
Costs of begging in tree swallows