If you walk the beach, you can help! 

We've banded over 780 Ipswich sparrows on their breeding grounds on Sable Island. By finding them again during migration or winter (and statistically accounting for the likelihood they'll be overlooked), we can tell how many survive each phase of the life cycle. But to resight them we need your help! 

Sparrows have 3 colored bands on the left leg and 1 colored band on the right leg (over an aluminum band). Tell us where you saw the sparrow, its band colors (from top to bottom on each leg), and the date. Please include photos if you have them!

Report to eBird

The best and easiest way to post a photo or report a sighting.

Don't hesitate to email us any time (this bird has white over black over green on the left leg, and a white/red split band on the right leg).

 We've got a public group on facebook where we'll post photos, news, and more.

Spread the word by printing out our poster. You can download it here.

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